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Viewing Supplements During Colonic Hydrotherapy

While we do not diagnose illness in this Center, I certainly do observe tell-tale signs about the condition of the body,” says Darlene Holloway, who has headed the Alternative Health Center of Cary since it was established n 1992. She … Continue reading

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A Colonic Can Ease Discomfort

The lower abdomen is a busy place, home to a host of critically important organ systems: kidneys, gallbladder, the liver, the spleen, pancreas, uterus, ovaries, plus five to six feet of colon and the small intestines. “When there is pain in the lower abdomen, many practitioners recommend a colonic for their patients, as a way to reduce pressure on organ systems,” says Darlene Holloway, founder and principal at the Alternative Health Center of Cary. “A colonic may not cure the problem, but it very often provides a high measure of relief. Continue reading

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