Seeking Balance, Inside and Out

Never underestimate the range and skills of Darlene Holloway, who founded the Alternative Health Center of Cary in 1992.

Darlene Holloway

Lymphatic drainage massage is one of many therapies Darlene Holloway offers her clients.

She is known internationally for her skill and understanding of the colon therapy process, and in fact was tapped as the International Colon Therapist of the Year in 2009 by the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy.

A graduate of the Florida Institute of Natural Health and the Florida School of Massage, she completed extensive studies in naturopathy over a five-year period at the Trinity School of Natural Health and has, over several decades, become expert in related therapies such as structural integration, reflexology, and a variety of massage specialties.

And so it is not surprising to find that she is vitally interested in the therapeutic power of food. For example, she is a source for raw cultured vegetables for many of her clients.

“’Cultured’ refers to the fermentation process,” she explains, “and raw cultured vegetables have either been cut, ground, or shredded and left in a sanitary container for about a seven-day period at a temperature in the range of 59 to 71 degrees.

“This process allows for the proliferation of lactobacilli—healthful micro-flora that are naturally present in vegetables and also in our digestive tract—which break down the sugars and starches found in the vegetables, aiding the pancreas and intestines in proper digestion.

“As long as they are refrigerated and eaten within six months of being created, raw cultured vegetables are a flavorful self-sustaining culture of essential enzymes and lactobacillus cultures that do not dissipate with shelf life, as is the case with some probiotics and acidophilus powders.

“Our clients have had a great deal of success in using raw cultured vegetables for relief of Candida, and in the treatment of a number of other health challenges including peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, colic, various food allergies, cystitis, vaginal infections, constipation, stomach aches, and other digestive disorders.”

The simple truth, says Ms. Holloway, “is that the human digestive tract—including the colon, intestines, saliva, and pancreas—is in its proper and healthful balance when there is a preponderance of healthful micro-organisms including lactobacilli. An important aspect of keeping this proper balance is to keep lots of fresh, live enzymes in the digestive tract.”

Weight Loss

And other clients turn to Ms. Holloway for help in shedding unwanted pounds. A number of them have lost 100 pounds or more, following her guidance with the HCG diet.

“HCG is the key substance required to inspire the hypothalamus gland to regulate the body’s metabolic rate,” she explains. “Human chorionic gonadotropin—HCG—is the key protein in the human body that ensures healthy fat metabolism. It is the essential substance that tells the body to fix the metabolic disorder that leads to abnormal weight gain.

“Unlike conventional weight loss methods, HCG triggers permanent weight loss the way nature intended. A diet supplemented with HCG is so effective that the body immediately begins to deal with the fat in the most efficient way possible. It’s not simply a question of losing weight. Much more importantly, it’s a question of losing the right weight.

“It usually takes a single HCG diet cycle of only 26 days to achieve significant weight loss, or 42 days to lose more than 25 pounds of fat. We work closely with our weight loss clients to ensure that all protocols are followed in a safe and effective way.”

It’s true, notes this seasoned practitioner, “that we really are what we eat. People come to me, for example, who are heavily constipated and sluggish and fatigued. The first thing we’re going to look at is their diet. What are they putting in their body that is clogging the system? The answer invariably is a lot of processed foods, a lot of canned foods, and very few, if any, raw and whole foods.

“And so we begin the process of moving them to a more balanced, energetic, and healthy state.”

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