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The large intestine—the colon, a muscular tube that is usually about five to six feet long—is a body part that gets a lot of attention, and for good reason, notes Darlene Holloway of Alternative Health Center of Cary.

“Colorectal cancers are the second largest cause of cancer deaths in this country, with the expectation this year of nearly 60,000 deaths out of about 150,000 reported cases,” she notes.

“Further, the survival rate for people with colon cancers found early is more than 90 percent—so the great health challenge is to educate people about colon health and encourage appropriate screening.”

Ms. Holloway is certainly doing her part. Along with her fellow therapists in her Cary practice, she offers a range of modalities including structural integration, Ions detoxification, sports massage, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, pregnancy massage, infant massage, Swedish/therapeutic massage, and ear candling.

In addition to these broad and rich offerings, Ms. Holloway is best known for her work in colon irrigation—a safe, effective method of cleansing the large intestine by gently flushing with filtered water.

“Our purpose with colon hydrotherapy, in terms of physical goals, is to hydrate the system, remove waste, stimulate peristalsis—muscle movement—rehabilitate the nerves, muscles, glands, circulatory and immune systems that form the components of the digestive system, and to reposition the intestines.

“I certainly would never suggest that colon hydrotherapy helps cure colon cancer,” she says, “but it clearly offers significant preventive benefits for many health problems including cancer.

“Everything we put in our mouth touches and effects the walls of the stomach, small intestine, and colon—the large intestine. When these substances or their by-products are toxic—which increasingly is virtually impossible to avoid—they damage the intestinal wall and cells, intoxicate the nerves and glands, and can be absorbed through the walls into the blood and lymph and ultimately to the cells and tissue.”

Many people seek out colon hydrotherapy for relief of a variety of ills, from headaches to arthritis, lupus to chronic fatigue. And, points out Ms. Holloway, “there is a strong emotional-spiritual component to this work, as well. For many, a colonic is an opportunity to ‘let go,’ and they have a sense of release that is both physical and emotional.”

Choose Your Natural Health Practitioner with Care

Ms. Holloway is a graduate of the Florida Institute of Natural Health-Florida School of Massage, in practice since 1981, and licensed in Florida both as a colonic therapist and massage therapist. Florida, she notes, is the only state that requires licensing of colonic therapists—“offering the most rigorous and highest level of training available in this specialty area.” She also holds the highest instructor-level membership in the International Association of Colon Therapists.

She advises people considering colon hydrotherapy to check the therapist’s training and the equipment in use. “At a minimum, it’s wise to choose a therapist who is a member of the International Association with training credentials at a very high level, preferably the instructor level.

“There are two equipment systems in use, one described as ‘closed’ equipment, the other ‘open.’ We use the closed system, which requires that the therapist remain in the room with the client at all times. The open system may be monitored by a colonic technician—rather than a colonic therapist. Additionally, it’s not unusual for the colonic technician to be out of the room during open system treatment. Essentially, the client does the work.

“In my training and my work, I have come to deeply understand the strong beneficial relationship between massage and colonic therapy. The colon is simply a muscle, and as with any muscle, without proper exercise it becomes lazy and less active. When I work with a client during colon hydrotherapy, gentle massage of the abdominal area, following the direction of the colon, is an important part of the process. The goal is detoxification—to move toxins out of the system. The colon needs to be actively involved to do that. Peristalsis refers to the muscle motion of the entire gastrointestinal tract that in rhythmic contractions and expansions propels matter from mouth to anus. Peristalsis needs high fluids, plenty of physical exercise, living food, and a harmonious emotional and mental state in order to function properly.”

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