Special Offer: $20 Off Quantum Biofeedback

The Alternative Health Center of Cary is please to offer you a special price on our Quantum Biofeedback services; take $20 off of your first session in February and March 2011!

What does Quantum Biofeedback do for you?

Quantum Biofeedback can re-balance your energy field and help eliminate some of the irritants and toxicity in your body, the process will help smooth out your energy flow. Quantum Biofeedback can ease acute health problems or long-term chronic problems. You can use it for body maintenance or for preventative treatments to stay healthy. Stress and pain management are also great benefits of doing Quantum Biofeedback as well.

What is Quantum Biofeedback?

Quantum Biofeedback is an emerging technology that interfaces with the body at biological speeds using the speed of a computer it can provide results withing minutes as opposed to days and weeks. It is facilitated through use of the EPFX system, which is the most profound energetic biofeedback system currently available. Quantum Biofeedback is leading the way to non-invasive, drugless relaxation for stress and pain management.

Here’s a  great video that will tell you more about the benefits of Quantum Biofeedback and shows you the equipment used.

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