Balancing Mind, Body, Spirit

balancing mind, body, spirit

Darlene Holloway, founder of the Alternative Health Center of Cary, has learned in her decades of experience that “colon health and full body health are inextricably linked—you can’t have one without the other.”

She has taken her work as a colon hydrotherapist to the highest level, earning recognition along the way from the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy as Colon Therapist of the Year. She now serves the organization as an at-large member of its governing board.

“Balance is a key issue in achieving health for the body,” she notes, “and over time I’ve become ever more aware of the link between the mind, the emotions, and our physical health, and the balancing act that goes on in those three arenas of life.”

She recalls the middle-age woman on hormone replacement therapy, under the guidance of her physician, who was referred to her because of chronic constipation. Under her doctor’s direction, she had been taking laxatives for several months with limited success.

darlene holloway

Darlene Holloway, ND,LMT, CT, SIT

“Actually,” says Dr. Holloway, “she was completely out of balance in all parts of her life: no bowel movements, poor eating habits, virtually no exercise, and emotional distress. And she was holding on, refusing to let go.

“So we began the colon hydrotherapy protocol, and our objective was to get her colon moving. In our second therapy session, she began to weep—and she loosened her grip on her personal demons. As a child, she revealed, she had been sexually abused. For years she harbored anger, resentment, and shame that she never expressed—not even to herself. But when she very haltingly began to talk about this, she did begin to let go—and her bowels started moving. I’m a great believer in the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, and I also respect and honor the non-physical dimensions of what is often happening in the human body. I referred this woman to a psychologist; we continued to work together, and today she would agree she is much healthier in all parts of her life.

“Our purpose with colon hydrotherapy,” she says, “in terms of physical goals, is to hydrate the system, remove waste, stimulate peristalsis—muscle movement—rehabilitate the nerves, muscles, glands, circulatory, and immune systems that form the components of the digestive system, and to reposition the intestines.

“I certainly would never suggest that colon hydrotherapy helps cure colon cancer or any other disease,” she says, “but it clearly offers significant preventive benefits for many health problems including cancer.

“Everything we put in our mouth touches and effects the walls of the stomach, small intestine, and colon—the large intestine. When these substances or their by-products are toxic—which increasingly is virtually impossible to avoid—they damage the intestinal wall and cells, intoxicate the nerves and glands, and can be absorbed through the walls into the blood and lymph and ultimately to the cells and tissue. And we become seriously out of balance.”

Many people seek out colon hydrotherapy for relief of a variety of ills, from headaches to arthritis, lupus to chronic fatigue. And, points out Ms. Holloway, “there is a strong emotional-spiritual component to this work, as well. For many, such as the patient I mentioned, a colonic is an opportunity to ‘let go,’ and they have a sense of release that is both physical and emotional. It’s often restorative— an opportunity to achieve a higher level of balance.”

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