Viewing Supplements During Colonic Hydrotherapy

While we do not diagnose illness in this Center, I certainly do observe tell-tale signs about the condition of the body,” says Darlene Holloway, who has headed the Alternative Health Center of Cary since it was established n 1992.

She is a graduate of the Florida Institute of Natural Health and the Florida School of Massage, and holds the highest level of certification as an instructor with the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy. The IACT tapped her as International Colon Therapist of the Year in 2009.

“This is a highly visual specialty,” she says. “For example, if I see bright red blood in the fluid during a colonic hydrotherapy session, it most commonly indicates a hemorrhoidal condition, which I will call to the client’s attention. If there is blood of a darker color, it may indicate a more serious problem and I will advise the patient to be checked by a gastroenterologist.

“When the colonic fluid includes a bright yellow color, it indicates the likelihood of a gallbladder and digestive problem. Liver problems often manifest as a green colonic fluid. In other cases, the client may pass whole food; often I can tell what they’ve eaten over a period of several days. This, of course, means they are not breaking their food down as they eat, due to poor digestion. They may need to supplement with a digestive enzyme—and chew their food more thoroughly. Digestion begins in the mouth, not in the stomach.

vitamin supplement pills“And it’s not unusual to see whole undigested supplements emerge during a colonic,” she adds—“and obviously, they have provided no nutritional value to the patient. I often advise patients not to supplement for nutritional value through pill form, but preferably through high quality food. Natural whole foods need to be the basis of balanced nutrition, with supplementation added as necessary—in liquid or powder form if the client is unable to thoroughly digest pills and capsules.”

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy, Ms. Holloway explains, is the safe, gentle infusion of warm, filtered water into the rectum using no chemicals or drugs. “This is a restorative, painless procedure which is both relaxing and effective,” she says. The client lies comfortably on a custom treatment table and the therapist gently inserts a small speculum into the rectum. The therapist then monitors the temperature and pressure of the water infused into and out of the colon—the large intestine—without any assistance on the part of the individual.

“The colon hydrotherapy method cleanses the entire colon without stressing the individual,” she says. “This method provides a closed system in which waste material is eliminated through the instrument and out of the drain line, avoiding any offensive odor and maintaining the dignity of the individual.”

In fact, she explains, “Colon hydrotherapy is an extended and more complete form of an enema. The enema’s cleansing activity is limited to the area of the rectum and to shorter periods of time due to the body’s natural inclination to expel any material from the rectum. The colon hydrotherapy method extends beyond the rectum to cleanse the entire large intestine and offer greater cleansing and therapeutic benefits. Enemas or laxatives may precipitate dehydration in the individual while colon hydrotherapy improves hydration.”

Good health is as much a function of our elimination status as the quality of food we ingest, Ms. Holloway believes. “Every year, 140,000 Americans are diagnosed as having colon-rectal cancer. Of this population, 44 percent will die as a result of the disease. Colon cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the U.S., following lung cancer in men and breast cancer in women. And at least two million others suffer from colitis, iletis, or diverticulitis; 100,000 Americans have a colostomy a year.

“Periodic cleansing of the colon prevents stagnation and minimizes the exposure of cancer-causing agents to the colon wall. Colon hydrotherapy has a dissolving and therapeutic effect on the large intestine, whereby waste material, such as feces, gas, mucus, and toxic compounds are removed. The result is a cleaner, healthier colon and an improved overall health status.”

Increasingly, she notes, doctors are advising patients to have a colonic one or two days prior to a colonoscopy procedure, to avoid the more taxing laxative regimen over a period of several days required to thoroughly cleanse the colon.

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