Colonics for Five-Year Olds? Benefits Can Be Remarkable

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Darlene Holloway, the founder and director of the Alternative Health Center of Cary, offers an impressive range of health-giving detoxification procedures, with a special emphasis on the restorative benefits of colon hydrotherapy.

Her expertise is broadly recognized: some years ago, she was the very first to be tapped as Colon Therapist of the Year by the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy, and now serves as an At-Large Member of that organization’s Board of Directors.

More recently, she received a Higher Achievement Award “in honor and recognition of distinguished performance” from the American Naturopathic Medical Association. She completed her doctoral studies in naturopathic medicine about four years ago.

Among her most ardent and grateful patients, on a near-daily basis, are children, occasionally as young as five years old.

darlene holloway

Darlene Holloway

“Education is a very important part of the process,” she emphasizes. “Often parents come in and report that their son or daughter ‘has the same problem that I have, and that my mother had.’ But in fact, constipation is not heredity—it’s a learned behavior. Given time and attention, we can work with these children (and their parents) to change their elimination pattern. They simply do not realize that it is unhealthy not to have a bowel movement more often than once a week—and often, neither do their parents.

“So we very patiently and gently, in unrushed fashion, engage in the education process and help these youngsters—and often their parents!—to retrain their bowels and their minds, so they become responsive every day to this important call of nature.

“And,” she points out, “while colon hydrotherapy is often at the center of what we do with these youngsters, I have near equal concern about their diet, their mental and emotional health, and exercise habits. If a youngster is in a family where the grown-ups are fighting all the time, the protective tendency is to close up all systems as much as possible—mental, emotional, physical.

“The youngest child I’ve worked with was five, a little girl living in a difficult, abusive environment that ultimately required intervention by social services personnel. Single therapists here in my practice do not work one-on-one with young children; we always work as a supportive team.”

Overcoming Fear of the Colonic Experience

“Overcoming fear is an important issue. Often, kids are initially fearful about getting on the table for the colonic experience, but once we gently move through this initial reluctance, I’ve never had a child who did not want to return for continuing treatment—including young autistic children.

“The children quickly come to understand when they need to be flushed out. Many are on medications, including anti-depressants or drugs to control behavior. I see working with young children as a wonderful opportunity to set them on a different path. It’s not unusual for an adult to come here who is on five to ten different types of drugs—the very same path many of these children are on before we begin modifying their behavior and their internal health environment.

“How children eat and exercise and how they feel emotionally and physically, are the barometers of health, and our goal—we consider it a blessing—is to work with them to put them on a healing path. Colon cancer is still a leading cause of death in our country. A five-year-old or a teenager going through their entire life carrying this major toxic burden of constipation creates the environment for a much higher risk of colon cancer.

“Recently we talked about the adult woman who is making good progress, as the result of colon hydrotherapy, in overcoming the powerful effects of Lyme Disease. She went through virtually her entire childhood completely unaware that moving her bowels only once or twice a month was seriously abnormal while it was creating a powerfully toxic internal environment.

“The simple fact is that there is a powerful connection between colon health and optimal health. Our whole purpose with colon irrigation is to gently and effectively clean the large intestine by gently flushing with filtered water.

“As we do this, we hydrate the system, remove waste, stimulate peristalis—muscle movement—rehabilitate the nerves, muscles, glands, circulation and immune system that form the components of the digestive system, and reposition the intestines.

“Colon hydrotherapy doesn’t help cure colon cancer—but without question it offers significant preventive benefit for many health problems—including cancer.”

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