A Master of Movement

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It’s not an exaggeration to say that Darlene Holloway, a naturopathic doctor, is a master of movement.

Founder of the Alternative Health Center of Cary, she has devoted decades of her professional life to moving toxins out of bodily systems to create human havens for health.

In the process, her work and skill have been widely recognized. In 2009, she was named the Colon Therapist of the Year by the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy—the first to hold that honor. Soon after, she joined the organization’s Board of Directors and continues to be recognized for exemplary service in her field.

She is a graduate of the Florida Institute of Natural Health-Florida School of Massage, licensed in Florida both as a colonic therapist and massage therapist.

And more recently, completing five years of study, she has been certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Board as a naturopathic doctor.

Colon hydrotherapy, she reminds us, “is the safe, gentle infusion of warm filtered water into the rectum using no chemicals or drugs. It is a restorative procedure that is relaxing and effective—extending beyond the rectum to cleanse the entire large intestine.”

An Individualized Procedure

Darlene Holloway

Darlene Holloway is a master of bodywork and colon hydrotherapy.

What is less well known is that, in the hands of an expert, colon hydrotherapy is a highly individualized procedure. “So much depends on the needs of the individual client,” she says. “It’s common for us to work with clients who are being treated for cancer with chemotherapy, for example—and that requires its own special protocol. On one hand, we want to make sure the chemo drugs remain in the system long enough to do their work, and at the end of the chemo cycle, we want to draw those toxins out.

“The clients coming to us with gallstone or liver issues also require unique colon hydrotherapy protocols. Our goal may be to target the liver, and any time you detoxify the liver, you must also detox the colon. All these body parts release into the colon, so if the colon is not kept clean, and you start detoxing other organs, you are likely to exacerbate problems. When toxic substances are reabsorbed back into the body a second time, their impact is more powerful.

“We’re not here to diagnose,” she emphasizes, “but we do engage in a rigorous process, assisted by a variety of tests, to zero in on the health issues of our clients. We do a thorough health history, and ask for medical records, CAT scans, information about medications and supplements, and do an extensive analysis of diet.”

Diet is a critical issue, Dr. Holloway explains. “We’re not seeking one ‘right’ approach, but rather the function of the body as a complete system. We need to know about all health issues. Often, people come to us and frankly, we may seem to be their last hope. And it’s not unusual for us to find an uncomplicated resolution to what has long seemed to be an intractable problem.

“A person may come in, having seen many practitioners, and we find they have had a hysterectomy, C-section, or a hernia operation. The build up of scar tissue may literally be pressing down on the colon, and it is in the process of closing up—which of course leads to constipation, and constipation can lead to toxicity. We’ve had a lot of experience with these kinds of problems, and most often we can zero in on the remedy very quickly.

“There are many clues. We will note the position of the pelvis when the patient comes in. Many women have a tilted pelvis, and a dropped uterus. Many men have an enlarged prostate gland. These are conditions that can lead to colon problems—it is simply not opening and closing as it needs to do—that result in unhealthy toxic issues.

“We’re all becoming more aware of the fact that we live in a highly toxic world—generally of our own making—and thus colon irrigation therapy is flourishing because people understand that it is an effective way to detoxify the system.”

In addition to colon hydrotherapy, Dr. Holloway and her colleague therapists offer clients Ion detoxification, structural integration, sports massage, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, biofeedback, pregnancy massage, infant massage, Swedish/therapeutic massage, ear candling, and infrared sauna.

For more information about colon hydrotherapy and other therapies offered at the center, contact:


919 Kildaire Farm Road
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Telephone: (919) 380-0023

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