Visual Cues to Healing

healing hands

The body, simply standing in place, can be immensely revealing if you know what to look for, says Darlene Holloway, of the Alternative Health Center of Cary and acknowledged as a national leader in the field of colon hydrotherapy.

Her many honors include selection as Colon Therapist of the Year by the International Association of Colon Therapists. She now serves as an at-large member of the organization’s governing board. .

And while she has great expertise in understanding and promoting colon health, she has even greater interest in the connections between mind, body, and spirit that form a life-giving health equation for each individual. Continue reading

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Balancing Mind, Body, Spirit

balancing mind, body, spirit

Darlene Holloway, founder of the Alternative Health Center of Cary, has learned in her decades of experience that “colon health and full body health are inextricably linked—you can’t have one without the other.”

She has taken her work as a colon hydrotherapist to the highest level, earning recognition along the way from the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy as Colon Therapist of the Year. She now serves the organization as an at-large member of its governing board. Continue reading

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Treating Cancer and Colitis

treating cancer and colitis

The colon is notoriously, at times, the site of cancer, too often a silent killer that claims about 50,000 people each year—one person every 9.3 minutes— notes Darlene Holloway, founder of the Alternative Health Center of Cary.

It is also the site for a condition called colitis, the medical term for inflammation of the colon. Continue reading

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Clinical Constipation: A Moving Story

darlene explaining digestive system with chartIf you get to the place in your life where you are only moving your bowels once a month, you are perhaps well-advised to engage the expertise of Darlene Holloway at Alternative Health Center of Cary, the practice she established more than 20 years ago. Continue reading

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